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Are you looking for taxi from malaga airport to nerja? Nerja Taxis

Your best bet is a taxi transfer from Malaga airport to Nerja

We will explain the advantage of reserving a transfer to Nerja and how to book your reservation. You will also learn a little about your Nerja Taxis chauffeur and the vehicle, and what you can expect to see en route to Nerja. For additional details, you may check on the home page of Nerja Taxis.

Even for the most enthusiastic traveller, there’s nothing more exhausting than a long flight. Now picture yourself in the general hubbub of the Arrivals Hall searching frantically for transportation while juggling your luggage. By this time, you are frazzled, your day’s half-ruined and you’re thinking there must be a better way. Well, of course there is. A little planning ahead and you won’t miss a minute of your precious holiday. The trick is to book transfers from Malaga Airport to Nerja at the same time you are finalizing your holiday plans in sunny Andalusia. Booking transport from airports can sometimes be quite complicated, however with Nerja Taxi, airport transfer from Malaga airport to Nerja is made easy. Once you’ve taken care of that critical detail, you’re free to imagine yourself gazing at the sparkling Mediterranean Sea from the vantage point of a comfortable beach chair.

Now that you’re thinking about the luxury, never mind convenience, of a transfer from Malaga Airport to Nerja, check out all the details of online booking on the home page of Nerja Taxis. The online reservation process is easy and the details you provide are encrypted securely. With online booking you can select a one-way or return-trip, specify the number of passengers in your party, and even request a wheel chair adapted vehicle and child safety seats.

You need to be aware that unscrupulous taxis do operate illegally at the airport and you can be charged exorbitant fees for poor service. You can avoid this tourist pitfall by booking ahead with Nerja Taxis. At Nerja Taxi, you get all the vital information upfront. You will receive a confirming email containing the price and details. And there is no charge for changes and cancellations. With Nerja Taxi, transfer cost from Malaga airport to Nerja is 65€ for a taxi or 89€ for a minivan.

By providing all the important information when you make the reservation, you are giving Nerja Taxi the opportunity to anticipate your needs. They endeavour to make your transfer as relaxing as possible by making sure that the right-sized vehicle is waiting for you.

Malaga airport

We speak English

We have expert drivers who speak your language.

Free Booking

Book your taxi now and pay your driver when you arrive in Nerja in Euros.

You will not pay extra

It is possible that your flight lands late, do not worry you will pay the same.

Saloon type car for the Nerja Taxis

Saloon private

  • People
  • Suitcases

Taxi estate type

Estate private

  • People
  • Suitcases

Minivan type

Minivan private

  • People
  • Suitcases


All about your friendly Nerja Taxis chauffeur

Your Nerja Taxi chauffeur was hired because he is conscientious and has an excellent driving record. No need to worry — you are guaranteed of a safe and prompt delivery directly to the door of your destination. Plus, Taxi Nerja taxi transfers from Malaga airport to Nerja are in english. Nerja Taxi chauffeurs are known for their courteous and friendly manner and will go out of their way to ensure your peace of mind. For example, your driver has all your flight information and will be stationed at the Arrivals Hall holding a sign with your name on it. Finding your chauffeur is easy. Typically, you will arrive at the baggage reclaim area of terminal 3. If you are travelling with large pieces of baggage, take your belongings off the baggage reclaim belt and then proceed to the Arrivals Hall where your chauffeur is waiting. Don’t worry if your flight is delayed because your driver will be checking the flight schedules and won’t leave until he has you safely tucked into the vehicle. Transport from Malaga airport to Nerja (Spain) is a very relaxed ride, so sit back and enjoy.

transport from malaga airport to nerja

Our Nerja Taxi vehicle

Our private transfer from Malaga airport to Nerja has one objective: customer satisfaction. Nerja Taxi wants to ensure your security and comfort on transfers from Malaga to Nerja. Baby and child safety seats are available in sizes appropriate for very young infants to children age 12. The new and spotless vehicles are the pride of Nerja Taxi. From a single traveller to a party of 7, Nerja Taxi has the right-sized vehicle for you with plenty of room for all the luggage. Check the home page to see the selection of vehicles.

Nerja taxis minivan

Malaga to nerja transfers

You may have thought about a coach transfer from Málaga Airport to Nerja to save some money, but with Nerja Taxi you can have cheap transport from Malaga Airport to Nerja, with double the comfort of a coach.

Now that you are comfortably settled in and your luggage is carefully stored away, you can look forward to about 50 minutes of air-conditioned luxury. Transfer time from malaga airport to nerja is roughly 55 minutes.Your transport from malaga airport to nerja will be relaxing. The drivers are familiar with the area and will happily point out any areas of historical interest or particular beauty. Costa del Sol is a popular destination for sun seekers. As your chauffeur travels east towards Nerja, he will indicate resort towns along the coast, such as Torre del Mar, Velez Malaga, and Torrox. Use these glimpses of Andalusian village life to begin thinking about your exciting days trips.

As you can see, with Nerja Taxi transfers from Malaga Airport to Nerja are made easy. It is clearly the best way to transfer from Málaga airport to Nerja

Nerja transfers

Why book in Nerja Taxis

Taxi nerja options

Private vehicles

First of all, you pay for the taxi, not for your seat. This means that it`s cheaper the more people you have with you. The prices are fixed and there aren`t any hidden fees that could surprise you when you arrive at your destination. The form you will fill in online will give you this fixed price and from there all you have to do is pay the driver.

Door to door

These taxies won`t be shared. By this, I mean that you and your family, or just you will have the taxi for yourselves. You will not stop to pick any strangers up, your taxi is your taxi. Also the taxi will go from A to B without stopping.

Child Seats

Once you have booked the service the time of arrival of the plane will be in the form and at that time the taxi driver will be outside the airport waiting for you.

Baby seats and boxter

If you are traveling with children the taxi will have special seats for them according to the laws for safety measures. If the parents have their own, they can install them in the taxi with no charge at all.

We check flights.

Sometimes planes are delayed, which no likes but it happens. In this case, you do not have to worry because the drivers at the NerjaTaxi company regularly check how the flight is going and the driver will stay at the airport for upto an hour without any extra charges. Which is very handy.

Official License.

In the Costa del Sol there exists lots of fake taxis, and also people who will offer transport in their own car. This is illegal because they don`t have the right paperwork, license or insurance. This is just another reason why you should play it safe and choose NerjaTaxi.

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Without a doubt, all these advantages make Nerja Taxis and their online form one of the safest, if not the safest, options for you. Aside from being safe it`s also a cheap and reliable way of getting from the Málaga Airport to Nerja by taxi.

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